about us

Nestled in the forest of Northern Arizona’s high country, Royal Oaks Ranch brings you some of the finest breeding in the P.R.E. horse. Along with other dedicated breeders, we strive to preserve the heritage of the Pure Spanish Horse and continue with the same integrity and dedication of our predecessors. All of our horses are up to date with ANCCE registration and being inscribed and revised with the Spanish Stud Book, they stand with their Spanish Carta as approved breeding stock for the United States.


Our Horses


Our horses represent the highest standards of the breed; each selected for optimum form and function, they offer us affectionate and willing temperaments, along with dedicated and courageous hearts. We’ve carefully chosen our broodmares to bring out a beautiful and unique selection of approved colors for the P.R.E. horse. Our horses are carefully imprinted from birth, their curiosity and enthusiasm is nurtured and developed through gentle discipline and warm encouragement. They present as cooperative, gracious, reliable, and attentive.